Behaviour of "compare" (shift C)

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Behaviour of "compare" (shift C)

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A long-standing issue (still in version 1.0) of the compare function (under windows 10 at least) is a follows:

When comparing 3 or 4 images, if one of them is closed, the remaining 2 or 3 are reorganized to fill the whole available space; which is fine.
In contrast, if one image is deleted, the behavior depends on whether 3 or 4 images were compared:
+ If 3 images were compared, the two remaining ones are expanded to fill the whole space, which is fine
+ In contrast, if 4 images are compared, the 3 remaining images are not reorganized. Furthermore, if one additional image is deleted, the remained two are reorganized only if they are contigu (i.e. they are not reorganized if the two remaining images are in the diagonal ... see screen copy attached).

It would be fine if the remaining images would be systematically reorganized after deletion, as occurs when an image is close without being deleted.

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Re: Behaviour of "compare" (shift C)

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:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce