companion files not working properly with categories, lables and ratings

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companion files not working properly with categories, lables and ratings

Post by osenboz » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:17 pm

i started working with xnViewMP and so far i'm very satisfied with it's functionality... especially the possibility
of customized handling of companion files is one of the major features that led me into using xnViewMP

however, while digging into the possibilities, i've noticed the following rather inconvenient behaviour:

let's say I have an {rw2} file together with the companion files {jpg} and {xmp}
and the options "companion files liked for delete action" as well as
"companion files linked for copy/move/rename" action are enabled.
furthermore i've chosen NOT to show the companion files in the browser, and
all labels/ratings/categories are written to the corresponding {xmp}-file.

now there are several issues concerning the handling of ratings, labels and categories in xnViewMP:
  • in case a label/rating/category is assigned to the {rw2} file, the label/rating/category
    is NOT immediately applied to the accompanying {jpg} file (one first needs to call
    "update catalog from files" to have the label/rating/category assigned to the {jpg} as well.
    • SUGGESTION: what about an option "companion files linked for label/rating/category assignment" ?
      or "automatically update companion-files in catalog?"
  • in case images are selected based on filters (with respect to the labels/ratings/categories,
    any action will only be applied to the files that are within the filtered list... this means:
    • in case you did not call "update catalog from files", a delete/move/rename/copy action
      will exclusively affect the {rw2}-file
    • the {xmp}-file will NEVER be part of delete/move/rename/copy action regardless of whether the
      catalog has been updated or not since currently it never gets the rating/label/category assigned to itself
    • SUGGESTION: change the behaviour such that linked files remain linked under all circuumstances
  • ... and finally as a feature request: currently the only option to view the companion files is to
    go to the settings and check "show companion-files"
    • SUGGESTION: how about adding an option in the right-click context-menu like:
      "open/view companion-file > [get a list of companion files to choose from]"
      or add an icon in the toolbar that allows toggling the setting?

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update... this time with bug-report template

Post by osenboz » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:50 pm

XnView: MP 0.91 - beta2
OS: Windows /64bit

linked companion files don't get affected in case the master-file is selected by a filter


companion-files get handled differently than master-file...
  • copy: only master-file is affected
  • move/delete: only master-file is affected > companion-files remain unused in folder
  • rename: only master-file is affected > link of companion-file and master-file is broken

To reproduce:
1. choose a folder containing associated raw, jpg and xmp-files (i.e. having the same filename)

2. in "options">"file-list">"companion-files" choose raw as master-extension and jpg + xmp as companions
2.1 enable "companion-files linked for delete action" and/or "companion-files linked for copy/move/rename" action
2.2 disable "show companion files" (not necessary, but usually part of the problem)

3. in "options">"browser">"metadata" select "update or create xmp sidecar" and "update category to xmp"
as well as "export rating to xmp" and "export colorlabel to xmp"

4. select a file and apply an arbitrary label/rating/category

5. use the "categories-filter" to locate the file

6. apply a delete/move/copy/rename action to the file

Actual behaviour (bug):
only the master-file is affected by the delete/move/copy/rename action :bug:

Expected behaviour:
the master-file and it's associated companion-files are affected equally

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Re: companion files not working properly with categories, lables and ratings

Post by xnview » Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:49 am

right, categories/label/rating must be linked too

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