Starting xnview with standard X11 arguments

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Starting xnview with standard X11 arguments

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I'm using XnView MP 1.3.1 with ubuntu 22.04 64 bit on a tablet.

I've created a slideshow, which I'd like to start automatically with the OS (autostart mode).
The command line for this modfe is

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/usr/bin/xnview my_slideshow.sld
When the program starts with this call, the mouse pointer is displayed, which is undesirable.

To start without displaying the mouse pointer, I've added the X11 argument '-nocursor':

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/usr/bin/xnview -nocursor my_slideshow.sld
But now it starts in browser mode instead of starting the slideshow.

Is it a bug?
I think so... It does not process X11 arguments...
Could you check it please?

Thanks in advance,
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