Share Settings, tabs, etc.

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Share Settings, tabs, etc.

Post by mrwul »

For some reason I need to make use of my laptop. There are hardly any applications installed on it. Even not XnViewMP or a video player tool.
On my desktop XnView is running they way I want, i.e. I changed settings here and there, but I did it quite a while ago and frankly, i would not know what exactly I have changed.

How to make XnViewMP on my laptop to behave the same as on my desktop?
Am I supposed to 'export' whatever settings and import them?

I wonder whether it would be possible to store the settings desktop XnViewMP on my OneDrive and have the laptop XnViewMP make use of that.
(Only 1 XNViewMP running at the same time)

As for 'tabs' in the title of this post: is it possible to open multiple files (select in Explorer and hit enter) in separate tabs in XnViewMP.

Right now, eg 6x separate XnViewMP's are launched.

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Re: Share Settings, tabs, etc.

Post by xnview »

you can export xnview.ini
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Re: Share Settings, tabs, etc.

Post by mrwul »


Please try the following: launch Explorer, then select for instance 4 image files (shift select, or ctrl select), hit enter.
In my case, 2 are loaded.

Exit XnView
Then double click 1st, then double click 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
In that case, all are loaded into XnView, in separate tabs.

So, select a few at the same time - hit enter, does not load all.
You have to double click each on separately to have the loaded into XnViewMP (1.70)

Is that correct?

Thanks again.