Lossless Rotation

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Lossless Rotation

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Using current version 1.6.5 64bit, Win 11, external exFAT SSD, jpg.

I did the losless rotation function on several photos. After doing that thumbnails and photos were shown in correct orientation, also with Windows explorer, Windows Photo, Paint and other Apps, everything seems fine.

Then I wanted to backup all changed photos to an external hdd ntfs formatted. My sync app did not find any differences between processed pictures and original ones. No differences were found in date and time stamp comparison, no differences with crc checking method either. That means, no changes were done to the pictures. Looking at the EXIF data confirms that, at least the field "orientation" was not changed.

If I copy a processed picture to the external hdd, the orientation stays as the original one, if I copy the same picture to a local drive, internal hdd of computer or to another directory of my external ssd, the orientation is correct, as I processed. :?: :?: :?:

I want to back up my lossless rotation to my external hdds, how can I do that?
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Re: Lossless Rotation

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please try 1.7.0