Apply category filter to file selection

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Apply category filter to file selection

Post by mkc73 »

I have a folder containing a set of images some of which have a category DONE set on them. The categories are written out to the XMP data in the file.

I want to select all files which are not DONE. I would prefer not to update the files during this selection.

I would like to go to the folder in Xnview, select all the files, go to the category filter and select all files not DONE. But this does not work by default - the category filter is not updated with the current file selection.

The best I can manage is :
Switch off export XMP data; go to folder; select all files; add new category ALL to selection; go to category filter; select ALL; select not DONE;

Is there a way to do this where I do not need to turn off my XMP export setting?

NB there are a lot of files in the folder - if I do not turn off the XMP export setting all of them are updated twice (once to set ALL, once to unset ALL)