Scroll wheel sensitivity (Ubuntu Linux)

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Scroll wheel sensitivity (Ubuntu Linux)

Post by mdsh »

I'm using a Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse on Ubuntu 22.04.

Every 'click' of the scroll wheel on the mouse causes around 5 lines of thumbnails to scroll, or around 5 levels of zoom to happen, or around 5 images to be flicked past (dependent on whether I'm looking at the thumbnails or image view, or whether I'm holding control).

This sort of behaviour doesn't appear to happen in other applications, one "click" of the scroll wheel implements one unit of movement in other applications.

This sounds similar to this previous issue: viewtopic.php?f=82&t=42921

Is this something other people have noticed and managed to work around?

Thanks in advance.
Mark Himsley
Kenny Dave
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Re: Scroll wheel sensitivity (Ubuntu Linux)

Post by Kenny Dave »

Hello I have recently started having the same issue. I think with 1.5.2 64bits. I've just tried updating to 1.5.3 but the issue persists. It's the case when over the file list, where it goes too many lines, or flipping through individual images where it does two or three. It doesn't happen for any other programs.

I've tried changing the scroll wheel resolution in Solaar, which breaks it for every other program of course. But it still doesn't seem to have fixed the issue for XNViewMP either. I can get it down to 1 image moved, but not consistently. The best I could manage was 4 scrolls to move a single image, then it fairly consistently went one image per tick.

What changed 1.5.1 to 1.5.2, or is it something else? Is there a setting we can change to adjust this? It sounds like it's just linux if there's only two of us reporting it so far.

Edit: the file list and scrolling over multiple images appear to be separate issues. As the first I've sorted with a settings change:

"Browswers/view scroll the content by thumbnail" to off.

I'm still jumping over 3 images when using the wheel though. I can't find a setting for that, not in the GUI or the .ini file.

Edit: this has turned out to be an issue with the logitech drivers, not XNView. I resolved it in a way that left it as an issue in XNView, but now resolved.