IPTC Problem in 1.4.3 - Bug Maybe

Bugs which are supposed to be fixed in the next test version (not available yet)

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IPTC Problem in 1.4.3 - Bug Maybe

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Windows 7 Pro

Probably a BUG

I just now installed version 1.4.3

Single jpeg loaded in IPTC Editor.

When I try "Copy To", the target being an empty field, nothing happens.

When I try "Copy To" a field that already has an entry, instead, it inserts that field in with the field I am working from.

The command "Insert From" seems to work as it should.

I tried again with a group of three jpegs with the same result.

These tasks worked fine in my previous version 0.99.7
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Re: IPTC Problem in 1.4.3 - Bug Maybe

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:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce the problem.