help to combine comments from catalogues.

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help to combine comments from catalogues.

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Our images are stored on an external hard drive. We have been having issues where the categories are not displaying the thumbnails or any other information.
looking at the catalogue maintenance settings page I see this
I have now come to realise that the external drive has been assigned different driver letters when attached at different times, sometimes E and Sometimes F. Other than the drive letter the rest of the path should have remained the same.
Many of the images have had Embedded Comments added. We are keen not to lose these.
No specific backups have been made (unless there is something in the settings that would have done this automatically).
Is there any suggestion of how we can get these comments out and attributed back to the correct image files?
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Re: help to combine comments from catalogues.

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you would like to change files in catalog from E: into F: , right?