XnViewMP 1.4.2 windows 10 32bit

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XnViewMP 1.4.2 windows 10 32bit

Post by rolf1704 »

I am using XnViewMP 1.4.1 on windows 10 32bit. Now this version announces a new eligible version 1.4.2, but following the download-button I do not find any 32bit windows version. Only the 64bit version can be downloaded.
Where can I find the announced windows 32bit version?
Thanks for your help.
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Re: XnViewMP 1.4.2 windows 10 32bit

Post by xnview »

I've stopped the 32bits version, but i'll build a 1.4.3 version (last one for 32bits)
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Re: XnViewMP 1.4.2 windows 10 32bit

Post by winnylinny »

rolf1704 wrote: Tue Feb 14, 2023 11:13 amwindows 10 32bit
How and why?

It's 2023.

Even Windows XP was available in 64bit back in 2005. That's 18 years ago! :shock:

Hardware has been 64bit capable for a very long time.

32bit hardware can only address 4GB of RAM.

How are you still using a 32bit OS in 2023?