GPS map

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GPS map

Post by xnview »

I need feedback from those use GPS tab

Since 1.3.0 release, i use QWebEngine based on Chromium instead of QtWebKit (no more maintened).
But this slows a little the startup of XnView, and grows the file size of package, and showing gps datas is slow.

One solution is to use OpenStreeMap instead of Google Map

For example:
Is it a problem?
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Re: GPS map

Post by michel038 »

The advantage of google maps is that you can access the satellite view in one click.
For location searches, I display the google map in xnviewmp and compare it with another google maps screen
In the second one I can switch to street view, or copy coordinates in one click. Using OSM makes the comparison less easy.

It's not a big problem. Compare OSM on a screen and google on another is not so difficult.
Soon or later Google will create problems. they always change some conditions of use.
To get rid of the Moscow Sauron Washington eyes, it is rather an advantage

Maybe by selecting a setting to choose Bing maps or Osm ?
Bing maps is not so bad...