Fit windows to image and image to window questions

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Fit windows to image and image to window questions

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Hi, I'm new and trying to decide if I want to switch to XnView MP from ACDSee in Windows 11. I've been pretty happy with the old ACDSee as an image viewer but it's starting to not recognize some new formats. So far XnView seems like a good replacement except one set of issues, and it''s probably due to my ignorance.

1) Mainly what I want to do is this. I have a directory of photos, many different sizes. I want to double click a photo (say 700x1000) and have it displayed at 100% (not full screen though) no matter what the prior photo size/zoom was (with no big grey border around the picture). Then I want to mouse scroll to the next image which might be bigger than my screen (6200x4200), and I want to have XnView shrink the image in the viewer so I can see the whole thing at once. Then I want to mouse scroll to the next image that is maybe 600x400 and have it shrink the window edges so it still displays at 100% but does not take up the whole screen.

Essentially this is what I mean...

SHOW IMAGES AT 100% AND FIT WINDOW SIZE TO IMAGE, UNLESS THE IMAGE IS TOO BIG FOR THE SCREEN, IN WHICH CASE SHRINK IMAGE TO FIT SCREEN. This way I don't get stuck on a huge screen that is basically blank for the rest of the session when I move back to smaller images. FULL SCREEN basically does most of it. It shows small images at their 100% size and shrinks larger ones to fit, but it does not shrink the window to fit (since it's full screen).

2) Related to this, when the viewer window expands to show a large image and then I hit 'enter' or double click to go to the browser, I want the browser window to open at the default size, not maximally expanded taking up the whole 32" screen as it becomes unwieldly.

I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear or not. I can add pictures if need be.
Does anyone know how I could do this or do I need to stick with ACDSee?