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David Gardener
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OpenEXR search

Post by David Gardener »

Hi there,
I have just rendered a 10,000 frame animation on 3 computers. One of the 3 computers was not setup correctly and all the images in the sequence from that machine are bad and i need a way to select all those and delete them.

I checked in XN view MP and there is a data string that identifies which computer the image came from in the bottom left panel under the ExifTool tab it is under these headdings :
Hostname RENDER01

it would be simple enough if the title Hostname was searchable, but it doesnt seem to be. Can anyone think of / suggest a way that I could easily delete all the files with the metadata tag - Hostname RENDER01 ?

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Re: OpenEXR search

Post by GeorgD »

Hi David,

did you find a way to solve it?

In casse you or others are looking for ways to search EXR meta data, you may use ExifTool to extract information from an exr file and write it to other containers (file name, embedded comment, EXIF, IPTC, XMP) and maybe create an temporary JPEG – so data that you can search. In case you need to access EXIF data inside EXR, may be helpful. As a starting point to write conditionally into other fileds:
exiftool -keywords+=HDR -if "$MakerNotes:HDR != 0 and not($keywords =~ /HDR/i)" -overwrite_original_in_place *.jpg
Hint: Do your experiments in a copy of the actual data folder 8)

Best regards,
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