XnView MP 1.00

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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by Foxyrick »

Congratulations on v1.00, and thank you for the best image viewer on the market!
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by Litr »

GG! This is a very nice achievement!
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by B.Douille »

Félicitations pour cette étape pleine de symboles. En encore merci Pierre pour cet outil :)
Daniel, promoting XnView since 2004, moved to MP (exclusively) years ago (Platform Windows and Linux Ubuntu)
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by helmut »

I'm not sure how Pierre, the one and only author and developer of XnView (aka xnview), feels but I find it really great to read all the positive feedback for XnView MP both from long term users and new users! :) Thank you for using XnView MP, your motivating feedbacks, and your support to make XnView MP even better! :)
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by Bowi »

I want to congratulate Pierre too. Bravo! XNviewMP is one of the first softwares I install immediately after installing the OS or doing a clean install. 😅