is there an undo for naming files?

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is there an undo for naming files?

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Hi, I'm new to XnView MP and trying to organise all my images into a better filing system. I made a mistake in the naming of a few files and wonder if the very original names from the camera can be rcovered with an undo rename? It's not a disater but would like to have them all named the same. My workflow and mistake:
1: culled all unwanted images
2: organised folders into Pictures/Year/Date-Event/Date-Event-Camera File.jpeg,raw,etc ({Folder name}_{Filename})
So far all as expected.......
3: added more images to Date-Event folder and then renamed all via select all-edit-rename-{Folder name}_{Filename}, didn't notice the duplicating of information in the image name from the already named files!
4: realized my mistake and renamed but lost camera file name

any help appreciated,

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Re: is there an undo for naming files?

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no sorry, there is no way