Xnview - very high cpu and power usage

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Xnview - very high cpu and power usage

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I'm using XnView, only for viewing, and when starting XnView MP (ver. 0.98.4) on my Windows 10 64bit pc, the "power usage" jumps to "VERY HIGH" and cpu usage is about 10%.

It is to the point where I can hear my fans spin much louder, I can see cpu core temps go from 60C~ semi idle to 80C+ (!) only running one instance of XnView (sometimes I have to run multiple instances, up to 16 - although that does not seem to have any impact).

My pc specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3,8ghz 8 Core
RTX 3080TI

It is quite strange to me that I can run the latest and most demanding games on the market, and have a lower CPU load than viewing ONE photo. I 've used Xnview since at least 2007 and I have never encountered this before. Please advise.
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Re: Xnview - very high cpu and power usage

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you have only images in the folder of image viewed? Do you have tried latest version?