Is there a Forum for XnViewMP Tips & Tricks?

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Is there a Forum for XnViewMP Tips & Tricks?

Post by zzapper »

I know there's a ton of postings here about bugs and issues but what about good features users may not know about?

e.g. I've only just found about Image Adjust - 'Curves'

But the Feature that I discovered yesterday will make my life a whole lot easier is:

You can rename/delete other images in the 'File Save As' Browser window . (Just Right click them)

I am forever reordering, renaming image sequences for slide shows.

e.g. from a machine generated name to a sequential meaningful name
IMG_20210527_172349.jpg to 012-First-Bridge.jpg

And I often need to jiggle the sequence/correct errors etc and before I would do this outside XnViewMP which was clumsy to say the least