Try the new "Random file" navigation! :)

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Try the new "Random file" navigation! :)

Post by winnylinny »

Everyone, 0.98.0 is a fantastic release! Try out the new "Random File" feature! :mrgreen:

Go to Tools > Settings > Interface > Shortcuts > Viewer mode > Random file > Shortcut for selected action > Custom

Assign it the custom keyboard shortcut: 0 ("zero" on your NumPad).

Now when you are viewing images with the Viewer, you can use:
  • Left Arrow to view previous image
  • Right Arrow to view next image
  • 0 to view random image

Since the "0" key is next to the arrow keys on most keyboards, this makes it convenient and easy to use! Try it out yourselves, I think you'll like it!


If you bump into any bugs or strange behavior, please share it. This is still a very new feature for XnViewMP.
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Re: Try the new "Random file" navigation! :)

Post by jpvdmeij »

XnViewMP is the best! Where all other viewers I have tried have great difficulties loading large directories, XnViewMP outperforms all of them.
E.g., I have some directories with >70000 images and they load quite well.

On topic to the random file feature: this is really great! But I have noticed some 'strange' behavior: the random index that is generated has a limitation. In these large directories, it doesn't seem to ever select a file with index > 32000 or so. This happens both when using the keyboard and when using a random slide show.

Such number rings a bell: to me it looks like the number generated is a 16-bit signed integer, which has a maximum value of 32767.

I am using v1.4.2. A fix for this would make XnViewMP even more awesome!