Shortcut for Always on top?

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Shortcut for Always on top?

Post by hhgygy »

Hi, I'm new on this forum, sorry if this has been asked/solved.

So I use always on top very often and I did find a way to put this command in the tool bar but I wonder if it could be just switched on and off with a shortcut.
I search for this command in the Browser as well as the Viewer shortcut list but this command is not there to create a shortcut for it.
Is there an .ini file or similar which can be edited for this?
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Re: Shortcut for Always on top?

Post by xnview »

sorry but currently no way
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Re: Shortcut for Always on top?

Post by Rick »

Try this with ANY progrm. Portaable and free ... ns amll
control spacebar makes any window stay on top ... -top/5213/
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Re: Shortcut for Always on top?

Post by x3mer »

You can, go to:

you can see on the right all the functions you can add as a button.
always on top is cmd_onTop

Save the current ToolBar as any .bar file somewhere, open it in any text editor and add cmd_onTop wherever you want in that list and save it.
Go back to XnViewMP and load that toolbar now. You can change the icon for it if you want. Thats it.