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slow first start

Postby lowlevel » Wed May 10, 2017 10:26 am


I was wondering if there is any way to speed up the first start after pc boot or restart. I am experiencing 10 second first start (without image load), which is quite annoying. I suspect the problem is in the QT libraries loading. I am attaching the full first start report from Process Monitor from (

After the first start or file load, the subsequent startups are ok (with or without image load). It is much like a .NET application first startups. If it can be fixed, it will be much appreciated. The problem is observed since couple of versions back.

attached report:

xnviewmp version: 0.86 64 bit
platform: windows 10 pro 64 bit
machine: i5-2500k@3.3 / 8 GB RAM / SSD
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Re: slow first start

Postby bdragon » Wed May 10, 2017 11:57 am


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Re: slow first start

Postby xnview » Wed May 10, 2017 2:08 pm

some users have this problem, i'll contact QT support

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Re: slow first start

Postby bdragon » Wed May 24, 2017 1:49 pm

Okay. Here's what i found.

TL;DR #1: it's the network check.

TL;DR #2 Quick workaround:
- Either disable new version check.
- Or (On windows 10) run the network check widget from the settings>network>status page. (i'm italian so i don't know the exact english name)

Long explanation:

I had the same problems. Either severe slowdowns or complete hangups of XnView just after version 85.

if it started slowing it would eventually hang either the very next time or something like that.

Now. I do know of some of my "odd configuration problems" which nobody has and tried testing them for sure.

The very first is that i'm italian. And italian translation of system APIs sometimes mess up stuff. Microsoft italian employees are so stupid they actually translated some API calls, so yeah... idiots. They SHOULD NOT, but they do. It usually gets fixed once enough people start reporting it. Since i started having this problem after the creators update i thought some idiot messed up translations again. But this other guy here having my same problem did not seem italian, so that meant i was out of the loop and could check the other stuff.

The next is that i use NTFS compression, but attaching an external non-compressed hard drive gave me no solution. It would still slow down or straight hang up at random.

The last is that i have a [CENSORED] internet connection.

And this, i found out, was the problem.

I live in rural Italy, next to a pair of "relatively" big cities (at least 100 thousand souls each), both of which have no fiber access.

So worst possible conditions, as the copper network gets clogged by the cities and i get usually 1 megaBIT (about 112 kilobytes) in download and something like 250 kiloBITS (about 32 kiloBYTES) upload.

Yes i am one of those guys that will never enjoy youtube or netflix or even online gaming unless i move out, which i can't because i work here as an photo-voltaic support engineer. Sucks to be me.

So yeah, not being able to have a proper internet connection without radio bridges sucks. And i have to use radio bridges for work related stuff so i cannot clog those up. Like: at all.

But dammit, i already have to run tenmax's teleport to get my webcomics to read once i quit work, i hate to not get my fix. So today i went into work on XnView.

Up until now i had found out just that XnView had problems with the network, because lag happens often and data might trickle down too slow or it might have too much packet loss or whatever. I've seen all sorts of weird stuff happening with my "leisure" network i've yielded to it. (case in point: i have resorted to use tenmax's teleport for leisure.)

First solution was to disable the network check for new version. That worked absolutely wonderfully. No more slowdowns or hang ups. But then i had to check this forum constantly because otherwise i would not see the next version. (i already do, but it's annoying to BE A NECESSITY to do it.)

Second solution found just today (i had a couple of free hours).

I restored the network check for new version on XnView and tried to see what a normal user could do without external software like net scanners or such.

After seeing XnView hanging up several times on a row, I run the windows' network check widget (settings>network>status> it's the last button with an icon near the bottom).

It found no problems, tired no solutions and did not ask me for any intervention. Yet the very next time XnView ran again without an hitch. Ran again XnView several times until it hang. Ran the windows network check, again it started flawlessly.

So yeah, those are two solutions.

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Re: slow first start

Postby xiofen » Thu May 25, 2017 7:19 pm

(Win 10 32bit 1607, XnViewMP 0.86)

I have a similar problem - slow first start after turnon or after restart (around 10+ seconds)

In my case the issue is certainly Windows Defender (more specifically Windows Antimalware Executable , see Task Manager) -

On first start XnViewMP processor utilization stays at around 0 - 0.5% whilst Windows Antimalware Executable rises to at least 1+ core 100%.

I assume this is because the program is unsigned.

Have a similar problem with other unsigned software on initial start up eg MPC-HC.

This appears to be a windows problem, recently more pronounced as Microsoft software is more cautios around unsigned apps/increasingly promotes signed store apps.

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Re: slow first start

Postby bdragon » Thu May 25, 2017 7:21 pm

uhm... yeah had not noticed since i had turned off UAC as it gave me problems running scripts, basically asking me confirmation for each action of a script i wrote myself for me.

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Re: slow first start

Postby xiofen » Thu May 25, 2017 8:08 pm

Just a quick heads up - it seems that windows 10 v.1607 is much less suspicious of programs that are installed/registered - so if this is a problem use the .msi installer and don't just use the .zip file and place in :/windows/programs

..there's still a scan on start up but it seems less aggressive -around 5 sec vs 15sec + , on my machine

(disclaimer - this is experienced based speculation - seems to work though - don't know the exact mechanism by which windows currently performs malware scans)

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Re: slow first start

Postby bdragon » Thu May 25, 2017 8:11 pm


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