Let's use 'XnView Software' - end the naming discrepancies

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Let's use 'XnView Software' - end the naming discrepancies

Post by budz45 »

Hi forum and Pierre,

IMO I love the publisher brand name of "XnView Software"...

..However I feel this name should be used consistently everywhere for websites, social media sites and in general when an XnView sourced app is stating it's publisher.

On various sites I have stumbled across I'm seeing a range of different publisher names:
"Gougelet Pierre-e"
"XnView Software"

I strongly think that the publisher name of "XnView Software" should be used for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, apps on Google Play, apps on iOS AppStore :P

The name "XnView Software" should be the formal name whereas "XnSoft" is ok to be used as informal name like when users are discussing XnView applications and want to type the name "XnSoft" as an abbreviated informal naming variant.

Including the naming on these page:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deve ... View&hl=en
https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/pier ... d436203434

I have attached these following screenshots showing which different Online places where the naming could do with some addressing:
(click on each image to open to full size)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

But like I said before "XnSoft" is ok in this following screenshot because it is being used informally:

Please understand. I await some interesting (hopefully supportive) replies 8)
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Re: Let's use 'XnView Software' - end the naming discrepanci

Post by cday »

A consistent identity or brand must surely be better...

XnView Software : Fine in itself, but not actually used much previously. And in normal usage mightn't one expect the website to be xnviewsoftware.com or xnview-software.com ? There also seems to be a trend for modern brands to be single words, if that's significant.

XnView.com or xnview.com : Modern, the brand name as one word, and it includes the url ...

XnSoft : Might have been an excellent choice if xnview had foreseen ten years ago how successful he would be in building a family of quality software products! Modern, with the significant benefit that it avoids the constant confusion between XnView the family of software products, and XnView 'Classic' the lead product. But it would only be logical to use the name if xnview.com transitions over time to xnsoft.com (the family of software products...) if that is practical.