Small tutorial: How to show a member's Topics on this forum

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Small tutorial: How to show a member's Topics on this forum

Post by budz45 »

Hi guys,

I want to say the following, but I put it in quotes instead, since it's not to the point of this topic, please read beyond this quote;
This forum's software (phpbb) is a very versatile and customizable forum software and is probably the best free forum software available in comparison to more powerful, non-free, forum software like IP board (invision power board) and vbulletin. :)

What I like about the IP board and vbulletin is it's default ability to search users topics which is not possible by default on phpbb and thus not possible on this forum as it's on the same phpbb version 3.
OK, to my point, I have found an easy nice way for User's to bring up search results of topics started by members. So if I want to bring up a list of all the topics I started since I joined this forum, I basically scroll to the top of this forum and click on 'advanced search' and then I just enter and choose exactly what I did in this picture below;

And voila :D I get all my topics listed like this on a 'topic titles' page like this (click on image):

So that's it. Oh and 1 last thing..... Like on those other forum software we can just click on our avatars and a little javascript pop-up window appears which gives a link to doing this type of search automatically. Again a limitation of phpbb 3 by default that could probably be added with a forum mod (modification /customizing). However if you all read my signature n this forum (look below in red colour), you would see that I have placed a link to my topic's search in their so that's what any member can do to for quick convenience.

I even got ALL of Pierre's topic's going back to 2003! Just by replacing my username with his instead ... ny&author=xnview&sc=1&sf=firstpost&sr=topics&sk=t&sd=d&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search

PS. This method ONLY works for registered users of this forum!
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