Processing based on aspect ratio

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Processing based on aspect ratio

Post by steinhaug »

My problem is this: I have tons of directories with images, portrait and landscape, and when doing cropping or resampling of the images it really depends on the image being portrait or landscape.

When loading images into the first tab "in data", I can let everything load and sort on aspect ratio... However I cannot select what files to run for processing. There is no way of saving the list either without having to reload and have the tab check all the images. It would be great if this tab had either a checkbox for "selected images" for processing, or a checkbox for "locked images not being processed".

Or, from the actions tab. It would be great if there was a filter on the resize canvas and crop canvas that let me say, if this image has width > height then do the following processing. This way both actions could be added at once for portrait and landscape, and all images could be processed at once.

Or, a quick tool that would "duplicate" a folder structure and move all landscapes into the landscape part so I could do my operations in two rounds.

The last one I see I could easily fix with a python / PHP script sorting the images into two such structures and do the processing on each of them with portrait / landsscape.

Nice program though.
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Re: Processing based on aspect ratio

Post by xnview »

and if i add a way to filter only selected files like the filter field