Metadata NOT preserved

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Metadata NOT preserved

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Could NOT find any documentation that describes what the Output Option "Preserve Metadata" means. I do know that there are lots of different kinds of metadata. In my case we are referring to photography and the still image files produced by a camera. Checking the "Preserve Metadata" Option appears to result in some camera specific (Exif) metadata being included in the generated output file. However, more is omitted than is included. When that Option is NOT checked there is NO camera specific (Exif) metadata in the resulting file. In that, the Option does affect metadata but does NOT seem to really preserve metadata.

It is recognized that format conversion should alter some metadata. For example, converting a 16bit tiff file to jpg format will result in a bit depth of 8 bits. This should be accurately represented.

This raises the basic question "what should be expected when checking that Option?". Also are there some other factors that might affect how metadata is handled?

It would be nice to really preserve the metadata.
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Re: Metadata NOT preserved

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'Preserve metadata' is to keep EXIF/XMP/IPTC if possible