4:0:0 Greyscale AVIF Support?

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Michael R
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4:0:0 Greyscale AVIF Support?

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The development GIMP AVIF Plugin supports grayscale AVIF encoding, is that planned for XnView? It'd be great for encoding manga page scans and document scans.

I'm also curious which encoder XnView uses; libavif can use AOM, DAV1D, LIBGAV1 or RAV1E. I'd be surprised if AOM didn't have the best compression (albeit slowest), but the GIMP plugin allows you to choose.

IDK who cares about the whole 10-bit, 12-bit encoding thing; doesn't AVIF always use 10-bit internally, anyway? So there's no compression benefit from using it. So that's literally just for HDR? Maybe in 2030 HDR will work properly in Windows...