filename {DPI} uses previous resolution

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filename {DPI} uses previous resolution

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Hello. I am using: XnConvert Version 1.79 - windows x64 (Jan 30 2019) - Libformat version 7.25 and have observed what I believe may be a bug. I am downsizing 8,000 TIF files from 1200 dpi to 600 dpi. The only Action I am using is Set DPI where both the X and Y are set to 600. (the Keep Print Size box is also checked)

As part of the batch convert I am also renaming the new files to {filename}-{DPI}. But instead of getting *-600.tif in the new filename, I am getting the previous resolution of *-1200.tif".

Additionally, I have the Preserve Metadata box checked on the output tab.

Thank you for making such a great program. It works well, especially with maintaining the IPTC and XMP data!
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Re: filename {DPI} uses previous resolution

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you can use

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filename {DstDPI}