Convert to Multi Page TIFF using Batch

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Convert to Multi Page TIFF using Batch

Post by wtstro »

I just started evaluating this application for use in my company. I have over 15,000 BMP files that need to be converted to a TIFF format. The files consist of a front and back page of a document so I want to convert the front image and back image to a single multi-page TIFF. An example would be:

I want Doc_1_Front and Doc_1_Back to be converted to a multi-page TIFF (Doc_1.tiff). Then I want Doc_2_Front and Doc_2_Back to be converted to another multi-page TIFF (Doc_2.tiff).

Since I have over 15,000 image files I want to do this in a batch. Is there any way to create some type of map that says something like Doc_*.bmp = Doc_#.tiff?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Re: Convert to Multi Page TIFF using Batch

Post by cday »

XnConvert currently doesn't support conversion of multiple images to a multi-page TIFF or PDF file, although there is an outstanding request to add the capability.

Your Doc_1, Doc_2 etc. images are in the same folder are they? In that case there wouldn't be any way of creating multiple two-page TIFFs from the same folder of images even if the above capability is added, unless it is considerably extended in the future.

The command line program NConvert could likely be used to create two-page TIFFs from your input images, provided the images for each Doc are in separate folders. And it might be possible to create multiple two-page TIFFs from a general folder of front and back images using NConvert in combination with (in Windows) cmd.exe ('DOS') or (in Linux) a shell script, but that's beyond my experience...