Filename with new data

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Filename with new data

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I am using Xn Wiew on windows for years and recently I switched to MAC. I was positive surprised with MAC version of XnConvert (Version 1.10 (Jun 22 2011) - Libformat version 5.91). Now I do not need to use windows version for resizing batch of pictures :).

In GUI interface I am missing one option. After resizing picture to new dimension I would like to rename it to new dimension parameters (Example: OldPic.jpg -> NewPic_HHHxWWW.jpg). HHH=height, WWW=widht. In window Output I set _{Filename}_{Height}x{Height} but this return widht and height of original file, not new one. How can I enter parameters for getting dimensions of newly created file?

Thanks in advance, best regards.

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