Convert .ANI to animated .PNG

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Convert .ANI to animated .PNG

Post by Huan »

I'd like to see animated cursors of .ani format as used in IE be converted to animated .png files to be used in Firefox and Opera (and hopefully webkit-based browsers when they support aPNG in future)

Right now when choosing PNG as the target format it's only converting the first frame of the .ani into a normal .png and I don't see any options to set the target as animated PNG.

Thanking you in advance :)
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Re: Convert .ANI to animated .PNG

Post by budz45 »

yes, .ANI to--> .APNG conversion, a good idea :)
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Re: Convert .ANI to animated .PNG

Post by K09Bull »

I agree, I think converting ANI files to APNG is a good idea. I would also like to see XnView to be able to create APNG files. I think they could just incorporate one of the command-line programs as an ADD-ON like they did with PNGOUT.