Information: new G'MIC 8bf plugin

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Information: new G'MIC 8bf plugin

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For those who don't know it, G'MIC is a very powerful image processing script language and set of filters developed by David Tschumperlé (see and many contributors.
It can be used as command line and plugins were developed for GIMP, KRITA and other photo software.

Now, a 8bf interface has been developed by Nicholas Hayes, announced here ... c-qt/21522, and available here
There are a zillion of available filters that you will have to explore.

Installation of 8bf filters should be documented in xnview MP documentation. The filter appears in "Image>adobe photoshop plugin>G'MIC-QT"
I cannot really give support neither to choose nor explain filter or use it. If you get bugs, the best is to post in the above PIXLs thread where the developer can answer.