[Fixed] MP 0.38.7 Win: Windows XP integration bug

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[Fixed] MP 0.38.7 Win: Windows XP integration bug

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I guess this is a bug on XnView MP's integration settings.

XnView language defaults to Autodetect so on my system it was detected as Spanish. I activated the Browse with XnViewMP option in the integration settings. Then, as some pieces are not yet translated, I decided to switch to the normal English language. The context menu setting was still in spanish so I went to the integration settings and it wasn't active so I activated it. Now the context menu shows both the english and spanish options, both with the same functionality.
Looks like XnView looks for the actual string to see if the option is activated. Instead it should set a single value to determine if the setting is active and another one for the display string.

In order to keep only the english option in the context menu, I had to switch back to spanish language, disable the option in the settings and go back to english, where the option was still active. This is all on Windows XP.

Fixed in 0.38.8.
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