[Fixed] MP 0.38.7 Win: Possible undo bug

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[Fixed] MP 0.38.7 Win: Possible undo bug

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This bug affects the thumbnail navigation. Here's how to reproduce on Windows XP:
  • Open a big image, for example, a 1992x3000 image.
  • Select Image > Resize... and reduce the size to, say, 1024x680.
  • Click the 1:1 button so that the navigation thumbnail appears.
  • Select Edit > Undo and the image will return to its original size but the navigation thumbnail won't be updated making it impossible to navigate unless you manually force resizing.
Upsizing the image produces similar results.
Also, when resizing, the scale indicator in the zoom area of the status bar isn't automatically updated.

Fixed in 0.38.8.