MP feature suggestion - gps map in slideshow

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MP feature suggestion - gps map in slideshow

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first of all thanks to the developers of XnView! I recently switched from Picasa; main reason was the high level of incorporation of metadata in XnView. As I am using a Windows PC and a Mac I am especially happy about the MP project.

I do a lot of travel photography and started geotagging a while ago. I am using v0.26 of XnViewMP on Mac. Displaying the gps position in a google map in a sperate tab is already a great feature. However so far I haven't found any tool that incoporates the geo information in the slideshow which brings me to this suggestion for XnView.

I could imagine different ways of brining the gps information into the slideshow:
- constantly displaying a small map (simlar to the text area) when gps information is available.
- expand the objects in a slideshow to a map-view object, that shows eg the position of the last image in a map.
- adding a keyboard shortcut (or button) that allows to display a fullscreen map of the current image and switch back to the image again. Personally I think this would be the best way.

Considering the increasing popularity of geotagging and the lack of software that shows this information in a slideshow I could imagine that this feature could convince even more people to switch to XnView. I'm curious what you think about this suggestion.

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