MP 0.26.1 Win: 3 issues with Browser's Drag n drop

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MP 0.26.1 Win: 3 issues with Browser's Drag n drop

Post by budz45 »


I see Pierre, that in an earlier beta you added drag n drop support currently for just the 'Browser' (drag n drop OUT of the Browser).

1. OK, I can drag n drop between listed files and the drop icon would display, fine:

However, the drag n drop is Not allowing me to drop anywhere in the folder's canvas. I am using 'details' view. Please analyse and fix:

2. There is no showing of the drag n drop icon (Windows) when I drag an item out of the 'Browser' folder. In Windows the drop icon looks and should look like this natively:

currently in MP 0.26 the drop icon looks like this (standard cursor) but it should look like the former above posted:

3. When I take a screenshot (FS Capture) of the MP's drag n drop icon (dragging from the Browser) there seems to be an issue with the screenshot. There is none of this issue when I did the same screenshot of drag n drop on plain XnView win. Look at these two comparisons:

Can you see the image corruption of MP's icon, I circled to show you:

But it screenshot's normally, just fine, under plain XnView win, I circled to show you:

thanks for reading
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