XnView MP 0.96.2

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XnView MP 0.96.2

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Please, don't post bugs or request in this topic!

You can download XnView MP 0.96.2 here:

Windows x32 ZIP version SHA256: 0887485D505EBB9293B084CFFA30AED6893711A15E5AB36A54F513C520011651
Windows x32 SETUP version SHA256: B0830420F032F44AB91B981EAE81CE4EFB76604E370003497CF276E2CCBF0A9B
Windows x64 ZIP version SHA256: 76FCF2B5A083C03310BE9D9FF3E0015E211038C20F4F2CC33A222AEC1CD70C6A
Windows x64 SETUP version SHA256: C07A0546D778488759DAF4A3B5F6838222C723EE3BCFB51AC1D1B9982CF1B1EC

For Windows 7 and older, you have to install the driver from DirectX to run correctly QtAV (audio/video)

Mac x64 DMG version SHA256: 6EBF211307DBA95BB7272AFA2774B234CB33927DEFA11C07EF092BFA62D37EB8

Linux TGZ version: http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-linux.tgz
Linux DEB version: http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-linux.deb
Linux x64 TGZ version SHA256: 21CFD3FD5BC662EDEDF34E9F36A4F70B1EB0E3C901F576CE4665BBFCDE51D082
Linux x64 DEB version SHA256: 772FDAB44DAAF0A61672EFB6721D4F8C011D222F9B77444BE7168BA91B2EF5A7

ARM version: http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-linux-arm.tgz http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-lin ... _armhf.deb

Linux x64 AppImages version: http://download.xnview.com/XnView_MP.gl ... 4.AppImage
Linux Flatpak version: https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.xnview.XnViewMP

Changelog 0.96.2:

1786: [Bug] MacOS: Space setting - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40310
1785: [Bug] MacOS: Dark theme - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40381
1784: [Bug] MacOS: Problems in fullscreen - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40342
1783: [Bug] Codepage for embedded comment in 'Info'
1782: [Bug] CSS style not working in 'Info' - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40351
1781: [Bug] Crash on XCF - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40000
1780: [Bug] Codec for embedded comment
1779: [Bug] Batch convert: 'Same as original' no more here - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40333
1778: [Bug] Batch convert: Wrong counting of read-only files - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40316
1777: [Bug] 'Convert into' doesn't keep metadata
1776: [Bug] {Categories} not correct - http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=40278

Changelog 0.96.1:

1775: [New] Batch convert: 'save log' menu - viewtopic.php?f=79&t=40250
1772: [New] Batch convert: Extensions for hot folders - viewtopic.php?f=79&t=39838
1746: [New] Search: in pathname - viewtopic.php?f=95&t=38591
1761: [New] Search: restore last search
1774: [Bug] Message if catalog or metadata exporting is disabled - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40139
1773: [Bug] Crash when load animated GIF & save as jpeg
1771: [Bug] Batch convert: output format x2 - viewtopic.php?f=79&t=40244
1770: [Bug] Paint: Wrong tab by default - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40297
1769: [Bug] Batch convert: resize by 'Height' ignore value - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40190
1767: [Bug] Open filelist & UTF8 - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40275
1766: [Bug] Some thumbnails not loading - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40277
1765: [Bug] Search: Catalog & 'base path' - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40190
1764: [Bug] Batch convert: Crash with 'levels' - viewtopic.php?f=83&t=40252
1763: [Bug] Thumbnail Labels not updated after changing category - viewtopic.php?f=83&t=40147
1762: [Bug] After a file copy, thumbnail not displayed - viewtopic.php?f=82&t=39423
1630: [Bug] Resize image/canvas presets ignore 'keep ratio' setting - viewtopic.php?f=95&t=38581
1760: [Bug] F11 in browser + Alt+F4 crash - viewtopic.php?f=101&t=40194
1759: [Bug] Embedded thumbnail not rebuilt for JPEG
1758: [Bug] Wrong info - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40178
1757: [Bug] 'Info' & spaces - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40170
1756: [Bug] Unicode lepton files - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40159
1755: [Bug] Some WebP can't be loaded

Changelog 0.96:

1752: [New] AVIF support - viewtopic.php?t=38649
1750: [New] Experimental 'Fit window to image' - viewtopic.php?=40137
1747: [New] Search: category contains/does not contain/is
1746: [New] Search: in pathname - viewtopic.php?t=38591
1739: [New] Capture: Hide Xn - viewtopic.php?t=39511
1735: [New] Compare: shortcuts - viewtopic.php?t=39844
1733: [New] Paste keep ratio - viewtopic.php?t=39779
1727: [New] Show info always visible - viewtopic.php?t=39490
1726: [New] Batch convert: 'Close after conversion' - viewtopic.php?t=39403
1724: [New] Paste special - viewtopic.php?t=39572
1721: [New] Paint: Background color for Text - viewtopic.php?t=39889
1720: [New] 'New image' in image mode - viewtopic.php?t=39942
1719: [New] Copy/Paste GPS data - viewtopic.php?t=36962
1718: [New] Width/Height in mm placeholder - viewtopic.php?t=39847
1717: [New] Batch Convert: Numeric numerator + output filename available in "Text" - viewtopic.php?t=39996
1714: [New] Batch convert: White balance
1754: [Bug] Move file & excluded folder - viewtopic.php?t=38426
1753: [Bug] Save a screenshot, statusbar not updated
1751: [Bug] MacOS: Translation of standard buttons
1749: [Bug] Rename & companion file - viewtopic.php?t=39613
1748: [Bug] Not possible to overwrite embedded thumbnail on some JPEG
1745: [Bug] Rename field not visible in thumbnail view mode - viewtopic.php?t=39514
1744: [Bug] Maximum view tab not work - viewtopic.php?t=39536
1743: [Bug] Auto Correct doesn't work correct-ly - viewtopic.php?t=39709
1742: [Bug] Search Similar: can't close dialog - viewtopic.php?t=39314
1741: [Bug] Import: aae not copied - viewtopic.php?t=38795
1740: [Bug] {File type} place holder - viewtopic.php?t=39272
1738: [Bug] Transfer: Multiple lines - viewtopic.php?t=39875
1737: [Bug] Batch rename: spacing between columns - viewtopic.php?t=39874
1736: [Bug] Open second image & fullscreen - viewtopic.php?t=39676
1734: [Bug] "Properties" column shows incorrect # of colors - viewtopic.php?t=39894
1732: [Bug] Compare: close view - viewtopic.php?t=39819
1731: [Bug] Compare: Cannot turn off "Confirm file delete" - viewtopic.php?t=39870
1730: [Bug] Windows taskbar text - viewtopic.php?t=39826
1729: [Bug] Placeholder & Current date - viewtopic.php?t=39790
1728: [Bug] Tooltips on category - viewtopic.php?t=39667
1725: [Bug] GPS in detail view - viewtopic.php?t=39686
1723: [Bug] File Listing: Append to file - viewtopic.php?t=39797
1722: [Bug] Unknown file info not shown in toolbar - viewtopic.php?t=40091
1716: [Bug] Image viewer slow with big folder - viewtopic.php?t=40012
1715: [Bug] Slideshow: window doesn't close
1713: [Bug] Customized format text color not used in 'details'
1712: [Bug] Cut and paste files on selected folder can delete original files - viewtopic.php?t=40053
1711: [Bug] Film simulation crash
1710: [Bug] Windows: if drive letter is lower case in pathname, duplicate entry in catalog
1709: [Bug] MacOSX: Folder without subfolder can have arrow to expand
1708: [Bug] Sharpen setting not used for folder's thumbnail - viewtopic.php?t=39916
1707: [Bug] Multiple spaces in Info view - viewtopic.php?t=39881

Changelog 0.95:

1706: [New] Qt 5.12.6

Changelog 0.94.3:

1705: [New] Batch convert - 'Transparent color'
1704: [Bug] Font size in Fusion theme - viewtopic.php?t=39872
1703: [Bug] EXIF user comment - viewtopic.php?t=39873

Changelog 0.94.2:

1700: [New] 'Remove alpha' - viewtopic.php?t=39592
1694: [New] Video date - viewtopic.php?t=39739
1702: [Bug] GS 9.50 un*x - viewtopic.php?t=39753
1701: [Bug] zoom field keep focus - viewtopic.php?&t=39627
1699: [Bug] Thumbnails not loaded at startup - viewtopic.php?t=39754
1698: [Bug] Companion files deleted in edit mode, setting not used - viewtopic.php?t=39587
1697: [Bug] Categories not updated if file (IPTC) modified outside - viewtopic.php?t=39546
1696: [Bug] New files, no metadata - viewtopic.php?t=39690
1695: [Bug] Zoom field steals focus - viewtopic.php?t=39692
1693: [Bug] Compare similar content very slow - viewtopic.php?t=39695
1692: [Bug] Linux: Not all datas from ExifTools - viewtopic.php?t=39701

Changelog 0.94.1:

1691: [Bug] Problem with Ghostscript 9.50
1690: [Bug] Use file date if no exif date setting (useFileDateWhenNoExif in xnview.ini)
1689: [Bug] Browse categories result in fullscreen not possible - viewtopic.php?t=39638
1688: [Bug] Non image files not shown in browser
1687: [Bug] 'Edit IPTC' doesn't write fields - viewtopic.php?t=39620
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Re: XnView MP 0.96.2

Post by Corax »

The SHA256 sums don't match for the Linux x64 archives (haven't tested the others).
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Re: XnView MP 0.96.2

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Corax wrote: Fri May 08, 2020 3:32 pm The SHA256 sums don't match for the Linux x64 archives (haven't tested the others).
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Re: XnView MP 0.96.2

Post by michaelmuck »

When trying to install the ARM Version on Raspbian Buster via the deb package I get the error:
"Failed to install file"

Any ideas how to get XnView up and running on the Raspberr Pi 4?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Re: XnView MP 0.96.2

Post by flpman2 »

I would like to ask when will arrive the newest version of this program?
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Re: XnView MP 0.96.2

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flpman2 wrote: Tue May 19, 2020 9:25 am I would like to ask when will arrive the newest version of this program?
I don't know yet, perhaps next week for XnConvert