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Feedback and Comments on the new 1.96 Test version on Windows.

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the first Beta version of XnView 1.96 is available. There will a testing phase of about 2-3 weeks which allow you to give feedback to the beta version. This Beta version is likely to be buggy and a bit unstable.

Important Notes:
+ Normal users should use the current Final version of XnView, which is version 1.95.4. Please see topic XnView 1.95.4 for details.
+ Download portals and websites must link to final versions of XnView only, and in no case link to this Beta version.

At this stage I'd like get feedback for bugs (large and minor), or other comments regarding the added features. Thanks to report bugs, GPFs, or other problems found in the Beta.

This temporary forum "1.96 Testing" is for discussing the things changed and added in 1.96 beta. Please note that this forum and most of its contents will be removed once the final version is out.

Please post here:
- Feedback regarding the changes, additions, and fixes made in 1.96 beta (please see change log)
- Bug reports of bugs that have been introduced in 1.96 (and do not exist in 1.95.4).

Please do NOT post:
- Bug reports of bugs that exist in 1.95.4 or before. Bugs in the current final version must be reported in forum Bug Reports.
- Comments like "This is still not fixed" (unless the fix is listed in the change log).

Thank you for helping to make the 1.96 another successful version!