Batch rename error with associated files

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Re: Batch rename error with associated files

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jotess wrote: Sun May 14, 2023 7:16 pm When I select a range of jpg files along with their RW2 companions and try to batch rename them, I get the newly introduced alert:
It seems random which of the companion files are recognized as such and get removed when I hit yes.
You can always reproduce on 10 files?
[*]The alert message is not clear. At least to me. After reading this thread I understand "they are automatically renamed" means "... anyway, so they are superfluous".
the companion must not be selected because you have configured companions
[*] The error message after failure is completely unclear. The list in the rename dialogue looks like everything should work fine, just the way it is expected (anyway).
Why unclear?
[*]If there is a "yes/no" option I would expect that leaving the companions in the list would render a result, too. And a result that is different from removing them from the list. So I would expect this to be a.jpg, a.rw2, b.jpg, b.rw2 -> 1.jpg 2.rw2, 3.jpg, 4.rw2.
By default companion settings is used. So perhaps clicking on 'No' disable the setting to batch rename and use the selected files?