1.00 - Cannot hide companion/sidecar files

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1.00 - Cannot hide companion/sidecar files

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XnView: MP 1.00 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 10

Since I upgraded to 1.00, companion/sidecar files are always visible in the thumbnails view, independently from the setting in file list.

Effect: cannot hide companion files

To reproduce:
1. put a RAW file and corresponding JPG file in a folder
2. make sure the association is correct in Settings/File list, ie the RAW file is considered as an association to the JPG file (in my case a Panasonic file with extension .RW2 associated with a .JPG file)
3. Check/uncheck the Show companion files box
Actual behaviour (bug): RAW file remains visible :bug:

Expected behaviour: same behaviour as with 0.99.6. I downgraded my install to 0.99.6 and the right behaviour is back.
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Re: 1.00 - Cannot hide companion/sidecar files

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