0.99.7: Dragging to select files in browser

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0.99.7: Dragging to select files in browser

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Subject: 0.99.7: Dragging to select files in browser

XnView: MP 0.99.7 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 11/64bit

In the Windows GUI for forever, dragging cursor with left-mouse button depressed selects files. In Xnview, user must hold CTRL key to select multiple files; that's counterintuitive. In General>File Operations there used to be a choice for selecting by entire lines/selecting by file name. That choice seems to be gone.

Effect: It's not good programming practice to ignore an OS's GUI techniques and rules and create different techniques for doing the same operation.

To reproduce:
1. in browser Detail view, move mouse cursor over the line of a desired starting file (not the currently highlighted line nor on the file name itself), depress left mouse button
2. drag cursor down (or up) over adjacent file lines

Actual behaviour (bug): single file under cursor is moved :bug:

Expected behaviour: files will be selected (giving the behavior that using the CTRL key gives)