(0.99.0) Animated GIFs no longer loop

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(0.99.0) Animated GIFs no longer loop

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XnView: MP 0.85 - 32 bit/64 bit
OS: Windows 64bit

Animated GIFs do not loop, even with "Loop video playing" turned on (In previous versions of XnViewMP this setting did not relate to animated GIFs and therefore had no effect anyways).

Effect: They will animate from first to last frame, then pause/stop on their last frame.

To reproduce:
1. Open animated GIF with XnViewMP.
2. Allow GIF to play through all frames.
3. Observe animation stop on last frame and not repeat/start over.

Actual behaviour (bug): Animated GIFs do not loop.

Expected behaviour: Animated GIF should loop/repeat automatically until manually stopped or another image is loaded.
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Re: (0.99.0) Animated GIFs no longer loop

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