aspect ratio forgetten

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aspect ratio forgetten

Post by rmtk »

I usually want to keep the original aspect ratio when cropping images, but XnviewMP doesn't do it well when I have both horizontal and vertical images.

To reproduce:
1. open a horizonal image 1.jpg, followed by a vertical image 2.jpg
2. click the crop button, set a aspect ratio, for example horizontal 4:3, crop and save.
2. click "next file" to open 2.jpg, click the crop button

Expected behavior: the aspect ratio to be vertical 3:4
Actual behavior (bug): aspect ratio reset to "free"

On the other hand, if 1.jpg is vertical and 2.jpg is horizontal, the aspect ratio 3:4 doesn't get reset to free, but doesn't change to horizontal 4:3 as expected.
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Re: aspect ratio forgetten

Post by masterjp »

For digital image editing (e.g. golden ratio) a very important function!
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