Statusbar is invisible

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Statusbar is invisible

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I updated xnviewmp to the latest version 0.98.4 64bits, and I discovered a problem with the statusbar.
The statusbar in viewer mode is not shown although it is enabled. I know it is still there, because if i toggle it on/off the viewed image becomes bigger or smaller to accommodate the new size of the internal window. Basically it is there, but it is invisible.

if i delete the xnview.ini file with the settings, the problem is fixed and the statusbar becomes visible.
but since i wanted to keep my old settings, the next fix is better:
i edited the ini file and removed from the [start] section, the entire line starting with geom=


that fixed it immediately and i keep the old settings.
I post this in case someone comes across this problem and for the developer to consider this bug in a future update.