File List loses keyboard focus in Browser mode when mouse interacts with Preview

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File List loses keyboard focus in Browser mode when mouse interacts with Preview

Post by CBruce » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:50 pm

@antialias initiated this bug report in:

Subject: Selected Image Loses Focus

But that [Subject] does not really describe the issue - and the detail is very... sparse. I'm just trying to make sure that everyone understands the issue and why I consider it a bug.

This behavior that @antialias is seeing has been in XnView MP forever... and I agree that it is a bug to a user that uses a keyboard, in addition to a mouse, to interact with XnView MP.

File List loses keyboard focus in Browser mode when there are ANY mouse interactions (scroll-wheel, right-click, etc.) with the Preview pane... but this should only happen when a user performs a mouse LEFT-click.

XnView: MP 0.88 (and previous) - 32 bit and 64 bit
OS: Windows 10 - 64bit
Using XnView MP ZIP install with Portable Apps launcher.

When previewing images in Browser mode, and using keyboard arrow and page keys to move through the File List, I often mouse-over the Preview pane and use the mouse scroll-wheel to zoom the preview image. I also right-click the mouse on the Preview pane to pan the preview image.

Both of these actions, currently, result in XnView MP giving keyboard focus to the Preview pane.

This forces me to use the mouse to find the correct image in the File List again, and the left-click on it, so I can continue browsing images from where I left off.

But I'm in Browse mode - so that I can actually browse my images.

If I want to quit browsing, I will be glad to let you know through a purposeful, focus-shifting action... like LEFT-clicking on something, or hitting an accelerator-key, etc.

1. Loss of productivity by interrupting the workflow.
2. Interference with train of thought.
3. (A type of irritation that requires Preparation-H) ... [grin]

To reproduce:
1. In Browser mode, move through the File List with keyboard arrow and page keys.
2. Use your mouse to zoom, pan, etc. the current image in the Preview pane.
3. Click your keyboard arrow or page keys and note that the File List does not respond.

Actual behaviour (bug):
1. When in Browser mode, XnView MP removes keyboard focus from the File List when the user uses their mouse to simply zoom, pan, etc. the image in the Preview pane. :bug:

Expected behaviour:
1. When in Browser mode... and interacting with the Preview pane... the ONLY TIME XnView MP should remove keyboard focus from the File List, is when the user actually LEFT-clicks their mouse on the Preview pane.


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Re: File List loses keyboard focus in Browser mode when mouse interacts with Preview

Post by xnview » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:01 pm

ok, but same issue

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