0.87: Renaming a Folder is not possible while XnView is "scanning" it

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0.87: Renaming a Folder is not possible while XnView is "scanning" it

Post by arspr » Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:14 am

XnView: MP 0.87 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 10 - 64bit

Just what the title says.

Effect: Unexpected behaviour.

To reproduce:
1. In the Folder Tree View go to a folder which contains a LOT of images (so it's easily tested, you'll get plenty of time in this case).
2. xnView starts "scanning" its contents. I mean, in the detail view you can check how your images get their size, attributes and so on. You also get a green progress bar at the bottom.
3. Try to rename that folder in Tree View. You can't, your new name is completely ignored. Till xnView finishes the "scanning" you cannot rename it.

Actual behaviour (bug): You cannot rename a folder while it's being "scanned".

Expected behaviour: You should be able to rename it. The scanning should be a "background" process which should be "halted" by user actions. User actions should always have higher priority. I understand xnView blocking other software (let's say Windows Explorer as example), while doing that scanning, but blocking itself is clearly a bug.

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