XnView MP 0.38.10: XMP not written

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XnView MP 0.38.10: XMP not written

Post by Fraenzken »

First of all: great version, I really enjoy it, thank you very very much, Pierre! :D

I think I've found a bug though: I've changed the preferences so that whenever I add a pic to a category, the name of the category is written to the IPTC data, and an XMP file is also written. The second part (XMP generation) doesn't seem to work - neither with RAW nor with jpg files. At least I cannot find the corresponding XMPs in the folder with the pics (where they belong imho). The problem: When I open a RAW file sorted into an XnView category with a converter (e.g. Bibble), Bibble cannot find the category information and thus is not able to write it to the jpg output files. Or do I do something wrong?

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Re: XnView MP 0.38.10: XMP not written

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For RAW, it's normal, not yet implemented.

So you have 'Export DB categories to XMP subject...', and no XMP metadata added to the jpeg file?

In 'Edit IPTC'/Options, which settings do you have for 'Mode'?