MP 0.38 Win: Minor problem with rename

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MP 0.38 Win: Minor problem with rename

Post by JohanP »

To reproduce:

a. Showing thumbnails with filename
b. Select a thumbnail
c. Select rename
d. Filename is now in edit-mode
e. Change filename or don't
f. Click on the same thumbnail

g. -> Edit-mode excited a short moment and is activated again!!

h. Select an other thumbnail or hit the enter-key or click elsewhere on the screen
i. Edit-mode closes correctly

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Re: MP 0.38 Win: Minor problem with rename

Post by Roumano »

Also another minor problem with the rename of one file :

when you select the rename function, the old filename is automaticaly selected whithout the extension (this is very good)
But if the filename conteint more than one dot, it not select the full filename ....

For exemple on the file " 2011-07-27--08.01.24 - Test with xnview MP.jpg", it select only "2011-07-27--08" , expected : "2011-07-27--08.01.24 - Test with xnview MP"