Batch rename on XnViewMP 0.26

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Batch rename on XnViewMP 0.26

Post by lccostajr »

Hi all,

I discovered XnViewMP recently and I have been trying to use it on my Mac to batch rename a bunch of pictures I have.

I would like to use "<Modified Date [Ymd_HMS]>" as name template but it seems to use the "Creation Date" instead. This operation works perfectly when I use XnView on my old PC.

Could you please check it out?

ps.: I didn't check the rename operation based on other properties and, maybe, they misbehave also.
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Re: Batch rename on XnViewMP 0.26

Post by duduvalinoti »

Hello everybody,

I'm having the same situation as the user above.
And I tried to download another version for Mac (universal) and the problem persists.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Batch rename on XnViewMP 0.26

Post by xnview »

Please check XnViewMP 0.30