MP 0.26 linux : refresh does not work in explorer mode

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MP 0.26 linux : refresh does not work in explorer mode

Post by Markorki »

My system is Ubuntu Lucid 64 (using a 32 bits library for XnView ) and XnView MP is the beta (installed to-day morning).

When i ask e refresh after modifying jpg files, there's no refresh.

What i do :
- select some pictures shot vertically, they are displayed with an icon meaning "rotated according to exif orientation tag". This means these pictures would be displayed horizontally by a less elaborated software, that's why i want to modify the files, so that *any* jpg viewer, even old and/or stupid, would display them OK.
- use tools>JPEG lossless transformation > rotate based on exif value
- when the operation is over, the display is unchanged
- after refresh , again nothing changed
- if i go to an other folder and come back to the first one, the display is modified, the icon "rotated according to exif orientation tag" is not displayed any more.
Dommage, l'était sympa cette planète ;-(