MP0.26L: Edit IPTC/XMP (multi-selection keywords bug)

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MP0.26L: Edit IPTC/XMP (multi-selection keywords bug)

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MP0.26L: Edit IPTC/XMP (multi-selection keyword bug)
To reproduce:
1-) affect the same IPTC keywords for several jpg files (example "test1)
2-) mouse select these files
3-) Ctrl+i (Dialog "Edit IPTC/XMP") \ goto keyword tab \ select "test1" \ "red cross" to delete the keyword \ Save All \ close
4-) Goto Categories to see the result ... and the keyword "test1" is not deleted (for each selected files)
( even if the setting : Ctrl+i \ Options tab \ "Keep Original Value if new value is empty" is unchecked )

PS: By unchecking into the Info-preview "Categories tab" \ Others\ the keyword "test1" of the multi-selected jpg files, that works,... but via the Dialog "Edit IPTC/XMP" there is a bug .
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