mp 025 - OpenOffice preview issues

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Gerhard Mesenich
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mp 025 - OpenOffice preview issues

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The newest version of OpenOffice has now a preview plugin (since oo3.2).
oo preview and thumbnails should therfore work 'out of the box'.

oo Thumbnails and preview are working fine.
Files list - custom: odt and ods set

ubuntu 9.10:
oo3.2 is not in the distribution yet, must be installed from the oo-download site.
oo3.2 is installed here and running fine, same xnviewMP settings as under windows.

MP 0.25 Linux does not show thumbnails or previews of OO-files here.
In nautilus oo-thumbnails are shown.

Somebody with oo3.2 Linux should check and confirm.
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Re: mp 025 - OpenOffice preview issues

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Hello, and thanks for the information !
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